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Get the code into your IDE

Even if you just want to study the code, it probably makes a lot of sense to do so in an IDE.


Get Eclipse

Install Lombok

We recently started using lombok.

To enable your local Eclipse to compile the code, please go to and follow the instructions for Eclipse. You might also want to check out our metasfresh-issue #1125 for further details.

Import the code

Start metasfresh from within Eclipse

Note that until eclipse version neon2 the lombok integration is tricky. The recommended eclipse version is neon3, as the lombok integration works out of the box with the lombok gui installer (also across multiple eclipse projects). See here for further infos.

Other IDEs

We don’t yet have experince with code contributions that were created with e.g. Netbeans or IntelliJ.

We don’t think there is a need to dictate a particular IDE,

however, when contributing, please make sure to text-format your contribution in a way that allows us to get a meaningfull diff. to that end, note that your IDE might be able to import our Eclipse formatting spec.

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