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How to setup the metasfresh stack using docker ?

Installation using Docker

System Requirements: Linux Host

Hardware Requirements:

Purpose: This installation is meant for evaluating the new webinterface of metasfresh.


  1. Install Docker
  2. Install Docker Compose
  3. Install metasfresh :
git clone

#Use an editor to uncomment and replace "" with externally
#reachable hostname and port of the Dockerhost
#eg: ''
vi ./metasfresh-docker/docker-compose.yml
#uncomment following lines and replace URL with your server's reachable URL:
#  #environment:
#    #- WEBAPI_URL=

cd metasfresh-docker
docker-compose build

#Use '-d' to run the stack in the background. On first start it may take
#a few minutes until the database is populated and the service is available
docker-compose up -d


After successful installation you can access the WebUI via:



If you got questions or problems just ask for support in the public forum:

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