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How to configure a product for production purposes


  1. A product called “result” exists which is meant to be produced
  2. Stückliste anlegen
  3. A production resource exists
  4. A workflow has been set up


  1. Fenster “Produkt Plandaten” öffnen
  2. Search for the product “result”
  3. Change to the tab “Data planning”
  4. Create a new dataset
  5. Warehouse needs to be selected in which the product is going to be produced.
  6. Productionresource needs to be selected which is used in production process.
  7. Is being produced to be set to Yes
  8. Stücklisten Konfiguration für das Produkt auswählen (siehe Stückliste anlegen)
  9. Workflow is to be selected for production purposes.
  10. Order Policy Lot for Lot needs to be selected
  11. Optional: if the production order in to be completed automaticall please mark isDocComplete
  12. Save

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