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How do I install metasfresh using the installation package?

Installation using the metasfresh installation package

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

Purpose: This installation is meant installing metasfresh directly on baremetal or a VM. If you want a more flexible installation, try metasfresh-docker


  1. Download the latest metasfresh-server installation package to your server.
  2. Update your Ubuntu Server source list
    user@host:~/$ sudo apt update
  3. Check if you can resolve the hostname of your server on every client you want to use the Java Swing Client or WebUI inteface from.
  4. Install the metasfresh-server package
user@host:~/$ tar xvzf ./metasfresh_5_X.tar.gz
user@host:~/$ cd metasfresh_install
user@host:~/metasfresh_install$ chmod +x ./
user@host:~/metasfresh_install$ sudo ./


After successful installation the application-server, as well as the webapi-backend are starting up. Wait a few minutes for the services to be completely booted up before your try accessing the service.

When the services are initialized, you can either:

If you want to check on the status, stop or restart the service, you can use the following commands:

user@host:~/$ sudo systemctl start/stop/restart/status metasfresh_server.service
user@host:~/$ sudo /etc/init.d/metasfresh-webui-api start/stop/restart/status

The application server uses ports 8080/TCP, 61616/TCP and 5432/TCP for communication with the Java Swing clients. Please make sure to allow access to these ports before trying to connect with the Java Client.

The metasfresh-webui uses port 80/TCP for the browsers’ access. Make sure you allow connections in your firewall to your server if you want to use the webui.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Which software/services will be installed?

A: Along with the metasfresh-server, the installer will download and setup PostgreSQL-Server 9.5, Apache2, Elasticsearch and OpenJDK-8 JDK.

Q: Where can I find the binaries and config files for metasfresh?

A: The binaries as well as their config files will be located in their respective directories under the main folder /opt/

Q: I want to check out the source code. Where am I able to find it?

A: You can find the source code for all of our applications on Github:

Q: Which ports are used by metasfresh?


Q: When trying to connect to the server I get an error about a non-working "DB Connection". Why does this error appear?

A: The hostname of the Ubuntu server needs to be resolved by the server itself as well as the client workstations. Please note: the hostname resolved in your network needs to be identical to the one set on the server itself. If for example the hostname of your Ubuntu server is set to “erpserver”, the name needs to be pingable using “ping erpserver” in the command line interface of the server and all client workstations.


If you got questions or problems just ask for support in the public forum:

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