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Tables contains all migration scripts that have been applied to the db so on an update only new scripts are applied.

Insert a manual entry into AD_Migrationscript table

Create function

Important: only needed BEFORE 5.43

CREATE FUNCTION add_migrationscript(varchar)
  returns void as $$
    INSERT INTO public.ad_migrationscript (ad_client_id, ad_migrationscript_id, ad_org_id, created, createdby, description, developername, isactive, name, projectname, reference, releaseno, scriptroll, status, url, updated, updatedby, isapply, filename, script)
    (0, nextval('ad_migrationscript_seq') , 0, now(), 100, 'Applied manually',
        NULL, 'Y', replace ($1,'/','->'),
        left ($1, position('/' in $1 )-1 ), NULL, '1' , NULL, 'CO', NULL, now(), 100, 'N',
     right ($1, length($1)-position('/' in $1)), NULL);
    $$ LANGUAGE 'sql';

Use function

select add_migrationscript('<foldername>/<filename.sql>');


select add_migrationscript('configuration/changingpartnerwindow.sql');

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