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Find out if an invoice candidate is invoicable

Check the candidate

Check your invoice candidate according to the expecations described in the sql. They all should match.

    ic.qtyordered              	-- >0
    icr.c_invoice_candidate_id	-- is NULL (=not enqueued in recompute)
    ic.processed,    			-- is N (= not invoiced)
    ic.qtytoinvoice,			-- > 0
    ic.qtytoinvoice_override,	-- NULL or > 0
    ic.netamttoinvoice,			-- > 0
    istoclear, 					-- is N
    iserror, 					-- is  Y
    DateToInvoice, 				-- is not NULL    
    invoicescheduleamtstatus 	-- contains "OK"

  FROM c_invoice_candidate ic
    JOIN ad_org o ON ic.ad_org_id = o.ad_org_id
    LEFT JOIN c_invoice_candidate_recompute icr ON icr.c_invoice_candidate_id = ic.c_invoice_candidate_id
    LEFT JOIN c_invoice_line_alloc ila ON ila.C_invoice_candidate_id = ic.C_invoice_candidate_id
    LEFT JOIN c_invoiceline il ON ila.c_invoiceline_id = il.c_invoiceline_id
    LEFT JOIN c_invoice i ON il.c_invoice_id = i.c_invoice_id

  WHERE true   
    and ic.processed = 'N'        


Process Revision

Check the process revision for the invoicing process you started for details. You can see the selection query there.

Check T_Lock

With the ad_pinstance_id from process revision you can check the t_lock table if the invoice candidate was already enqueued

Check Async Work Package

Check if an async work package was created and if that is on error or still in progress.

Possible Solutions

mark invoice candidate to be recomputed:

insert into c_invoice_candidate_recompute
select c_invoice_candidate_id,NULL,'3'

Error Messages

Has Changes

Cause: Something which is basic to the invoice candidate has changed. Most common is a price change after the candidate was created.

Troubleshoot: Using


 1000002: @LineNetAmt@: 0.00->700.00
1000003: @LineNetAmt@: 0.00->2800.00
1000005: @LineNetAmt@: 0.00->-175.00
1000006: @LineNetAmt@: 0.00->-232.75
Update invalid result: Updated 7 invoice candidates, 0 errors

Solution: Delete affected invoice candidates via the webui. They will be created automatically again.

Alternative: delete via sql but then you need to run the process to recreate the ICS.

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