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Solve SQL Error on Server Update by manually adding migration script


Exception in thread "main" de.metas.migration.exception.ScriptExecutionException: Error: Script execution failed
 psql:/opt/metasfresh/dist/sql/10-de.metas.adempiere/5480915_sys_gh3233_RoleAccess_indexes.sql:9: ERROR:  could not create unique index "ad_window_access_uq"
        DETAIL:  Key (ad_role_id, ad_window_id)=(540026, 540165) is duplicated.

Option 1 - Script was already manually applied

In case you applied the script already manually and added it to the release afterwards, you need to manually add the script to the ad_migrationscript table. Here is an example how to do it:

How to add migration script to ad_migrationscript table without executing it

Example when you are using docker


Problem: webui is not reachable

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