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How to set up and test with cypress

SetUp / download

  1. 32-bit Git for Windows Setup
  2. 32-bit node LTS Version: 8.11.3
  3. 32-bit vscode:
  4. webui frontend repository: clone/sync with github, save in your explorer: where you have other github repositories
  5. move it into vsc (pls ask tobi for details, can’t really remember this part)
  6. in node:
  7. have a dev instance / test environment
  8. create your own config file using the data from your environment


  1. open gitbash in metasfresh webui frontend folder in explorer: right-click in folder, select / open gitbash here
  2. run CYPRESS_baseUrl=https://yoururlforrunningtests npm run cypress:open
  3. in Cypress select the test you want to run by just clicking on it

Writing Tests:

  1. write test in visual studio code
  2. save in metasfresh webui frontend folder in explorer: => cypress.integration

Check your / all tests:

=> dashboard:

Updated / new tests:

  1. sync metasfresh webui frontend folder in github desktop
  2. config for your testing instance shall remain the same, is not set back by syncing!

More info:

=> README file in the webui-frontend repo

if problems, maybe bc of kaspersky: delete Cypress from user-xy-AppData-Local, and re-install via GitBash

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