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IT gh#1174

Shipment problem when different order lines are commissioned into one HU

Testcase to check if shipment works correctly when different order lines get commissioned into one HU.

  1. Create 2 sales orders, for G000X:
  2. Open Kommissionier Terminal, select both orderlines, OK
  3. Select a picking slot for your orders

  4. Select P0001, then TU A:
  5. Add P0001 to the picking slot by using Hinzuf. (DON’T close yet!):
  6. Add P0002 to the same picking slot, click Schliessen afterwards:
  7. Open the shipment schedule (Lieferdispo) for P0001:
  8. Check the 2nd tab Liefer-/ Kommissioierzeile, and zoom into the HU displayed there:
  9. In shipment schedule, create the inout, using “Erstelllen mit kommissionierter Menge”, and complete the inout
  10. Check the HU again, also tab Lagerung:
  11. Open shipment schedule for P0002, also check the 2nd tab:
  12. Create the inout, using “Erstelllen mit kommissionierter Menge”, and complete the inout:
  13. Check the Handling Unit window for TU A once more, tab HU Assignment:
  14. Create another 2 sales orders for G000X, for both P0001 and P0002, with both TU A and B, but order a higher qty this time (e.g. 1 full TU each, or on Virtual PI)

  15. Create several partial inouts (e.g. 3 partial inouts per product), using both TU A & TU B in Kommissionier Terminal:
  16. Check the inouts and the shipment schedules, as well as the HUs:

Note: It’s not necessary that P0001 and P0002 both have a CU-TU Zuordnung with both TU A and B, you should be able to use both in Kommissionier Terminal for picking both products; however, if TU A is not available for P0002, then you can’t set the picking slot when P0002 is first selected: you have to select the product for which the TU is available first to set it for the picking slot, but you should be able to add another product when the picking slot is set with the TU.

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