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DD Order CU calculation wrong when TU = 1

Testcase to check if the qtys are calculated right in distribution orderline

Distribution order

  1. Go to Distribution order window and create a new one

  2. Add the doctype, bpartner G000X, transit warehouse and save

  3. Add a new line, set product P0001, save
  4. Add a new line, same product, add a HU: TU A x t (let’s say t=10)
  5. save
  6. change qtyTU to 6
  7. save
  8. change HU to TU B x u (let’s say u=5)
  9. save
  10. change HU to TU C (unlimited capacity)
  11. add a new line with product P0001, TU C
  12. change qty TU to 11, save
  13. Complete order

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