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Foreign BPartner reference included in sales order C_Order.C_BPartner_ID

Testcase to check if all changes & updates made are correctly logged and displayed in Changelog.

  1. Make sure that Maintain Changelog is checked for OLCands, C_Invoice_Candidate, M_Inout

  2. Make sure Role Admin has Changelog enabled as well

  3. Log in as User S, Role Admin, and have your OLCands imported

  4. In the OLCands of P0001 and P0002, change bpartner from G000X to G000Y (Geschäftspartner abw.), also change the location to G000Y’s, save

  5. Check the changelog

  6. Create the sales order for your OLCands by running Transaktion Freigeben for your import

  7. Open the sales order(s) for the OLCands of P0001 and P0002, zoom into Invoice Candidates

  8. Check the changelog

  9. Zoom into Lieferdispo, create the inout with Gear, Auswahl liefern (note the time!)

  10. Zoom into the inout, and reduce the qty for both products P0001 and P0002

  11. Save and complete the inout, check the changelog

  12. Go back to the Invoice Candidates, check the changelog

  13. Go back to the OLCands of P0001 and P0002, check the changelog again

  14. In database, run

    sh SELECT * FROM AD_Changelog WHERE AD_PInstance_ID IS NOT NULL AND TrxName ilike 'GenerateInOutFromShipmentSchedules' AND Created>='2016-05-24 16:20:00' AND Created>='2016-05-24 16:25:00' Data for Created shall cover the time when you created the inout, this is just an example!

  15. Open Prozess-Revision, and search for Prozess-Instanz (ID): = the one you received from the query above

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