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Picking issue

Testcase to check how picking terminal reacts when trying to pick more than you can

Picking Terminal

  1. Make a sales order, business partner G000x, warehouse X, product P0001 and qty 100, 10 Ax10 (TUs)

  2. make a purchase order, Warehouse Z, product P0001 qty 200, 20 Ax10 (TUs)
  3. go to wareneingang pos and receive all 200 in warehouse X
  4. go to Picking terminal (kommissionier terminal), select whX, business partner G000x, the date

  5. select product P0001, press ok
  6. select a picking slot, product P0001 and press on HU Editor

  7. split out several TUs on multiple LUs (like: 10/1/6 - meaning 6 LUs each with 1 TU of 10kg)
  8. select an LU with qty 10
  9. open hu editor: select the big LU with qty 140
  10. open hu editor: select an LU with qty 10
  11. select a TU for the slot (e.g. Ax10)

  12. use hinzuf with qty 120
  13. use hinzuf with qty 5
  14. use hinzuf with qty 120
  15. use hinzuf with qty 5
  16. use verteilen with 1 TU
  17. use verteilen with 15 TUs
  18. press ok
  19. go to Verdichtung pos, select warehouse whX and bpartner G000x

  20. select the address and press ok
  21. put them all on an LU, set a transportation and create the inout from button “lieferschein erstellen”

  22. open your inout, complete it

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