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#311 Payment Selection Exception when not able to find bpartner account

Testcase to check if PaySelection works without errors if a bpartner has a bank account without bpbankacctuse.

  1. Make sure that one of the bank accounts of G000X has bpbankacctuse empty (also check in db!)

  2. Also make sure that the other bank accounts of G000X have:
  3. Create 3 purchase invoices for G000X, with P0001 (if no price is set in pricelist, set one manually!)

  4. Open PaySelection (Zahlung anweisen), create a new one, save

  5. Add a line manually, by selecting the first of your invoices:
  6. Save, click Zahlung vorbereiten and create the payment with Gear, Zahlung anweisen
  7. Set both the bank accounts with bpbankacctuse to bpbankacctuse = Both, Bankeinzug & Überweisung

  8. Open Payment Allocation, search for G000X

  9. Select your 2nd invoice, and click Zahlung anweisen to create another PaySelection:
  10. Un-check the default flag so that none of the bank accounts shall be set as Standard

  11. Create a third PaySelection, save

  12. Add a line by using Erstellen aus… button (set filters so that your 3rd invoice will be taken!):
  13. Save, click Zahlung vorbereiten and create the payments with Gear, Zahlung anweisen for both PaySelections
  14. Repeat the same cases with sales invoices and account with bpbankacctuse = DirectDebit, Bankeinzug (instead of Both)
  15. Repeat same case for sales invoice, Credit Memo

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