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#315 M_ReceiptSchedule.QtyToMove not properly updated on reopen

Testcase to check if the QtyToMove in Receipt Schedule is updated correctly after closing and reopening.

  1. Make sure that P0001 has different product UOM / price UOM and an active UOM conversion

  2. Create a purchase order for G000X, with P0001 and P0002:
  3. Open the Receipt Schedule for your order:
  4. Open your order in Receipt POS:
  5. Close the Receipt Schedule for P0001, from Gear, Close Entry:
  6. Create an inout for P0002, < qty ordered, and close the line in Receipt POS afterwards
  7. Check Receipt Schedule for P0002:
  8. Open both Receipt Schedules from Gear, Open Entry:
  9. Go back to Receipt POS, make inouts for both products, then close both lines

  10. In Receipt Schedule, reopen the one for P0001:

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