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#338 Get rid of legacy NOT-EQUALS operators from logic expression

Testcase to check readonly, display and color logic

Readonly logic

  1. Check readonly logic, using AND, OR logic

  2. go to Product window and find a product which is of type R, E or O
  3. go to Product window and find a product which is not of type R, E or O
  4. Check readonly logic, using simple = logic

  5. Go to Geschaftspartner window, subtab Customer

  6. set bpartner.isSales = N
  7. set bpartner.isSales = Y

Color Logic

  1. create a sales order, complete and go to shipment schedule (set it on forced if is not)
  2. Make a partial inout, see shipment schedule
  3. make inout for the remaining qty

Display logic

  1. test display logic using simple = logic

  2. go to sales order and create a new one, set isdropship on Y
  3. set isdropship on N
  4. test display logic using AND, OR logic

  5. create an invoice, for a bpartner which is edi, set isEdi on Y

  6. close or complete the invoice
  7. test display logic using 1=2 (false)

  8. go to sales order and see if there is any processed checkbox
  9. test display logic using !

  10. create a purchase invoice, add a product and complete it
  11. reverse correct the invoice
  12. test display logic using > or <

  13. create a new allocation header or open existing one which was made when you reversed the invoice above
  14. reverse correct the allocation

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