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IT gh#1046

Automatic Naming of Pricelist Version Name

Testcase to check if the pricelist version is set correctly in new procut prices.

  1. Create a new pricelist or use an already existing one

  2. Make sure the pricelist has set:
  3. Create a pricelist version for this pricelist, set a valid from date

  4. Create new product prices for your products and check the pricelist version ID in the product price:
  5. When you have created the PLV with product prices, create a new PLV:
  6. Use the Preise erstellen button to create the new PLV, check the product prices:

Note: The name of the pricelist, currency and valid from date of the PLV are mandatory, but the country is not, so when using an old pricelist the country might not be shown in the pricelist version ID, if it’s not set.

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