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IT gh#1122

Reporting SQL for Products and vendor/ customer

Testcase to check if the reporting SQL for Products and vendor/ customer is working correctly.

  1. Run the excel report for Zendierung Lieferanten Excel, leave it open for comparison
  2. Make sure P0001 & P0002 are displayed in the Excel, and note the the periods for them, make sure they both have no CH / no Inland / no AdR for G000X!

  3. Create a purchase order for G000X:
  4. In Wareneingang POS, create inouts:
  5. Make sure the inouts have movement date not included in the periods of the report

  6. Use SQL to update the movement date of each inout to one covered by the periods displayed in the report, check the report after EACH upate:
  7. Reactivate the 1st inout of P0002, and change the ASI:
  8. Complete the inout, and run the excel again:
  9. Check the excel report for Zedierung Kunden, leave it open

  10. Repeat the test for sales side:
  11. Compare results with the original excel:

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