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IT gh#1130

LU Transform “own Palette” Packing material

Testcase to check if you can transfrom an LU to “own Palette”.

  1. Create a purchase order for G000X:
  2. Open material receipt schedule for the order:
  3. Select the line for P0001, click on Actions button to create a receipt:
  4. In Actions, select HUs annehmen:
  5. Select your product line again, and click the Actions button:
  6. Select the line for LU, and in Actions button, click Transformieren:
  7. In Aktion, set Eigene LU:
  8. Set the checkbox, and click Start:
  9. In HU Editor, click Wareneingang erstellen in Actions:
  10. Click Done:
  11. Check the material receipts of your purchase order (single view):
  12. In material receipt schedule, select the line for P0002, and create a material receipt:
  13. Check the receipt schedule line, and the material receipt:
  14. Create more material receipts, play with the Transform and own LU / TU (e.g. use >1 LU, >1 TU):


  1. The LUs and TUs marked as “Eigene” are not included in the material receipt (as qty), but are still displayed in Handling Unit tab there (swing). Also, when you check the values of the HUs in Handling Unit window, there is no difference between “Eigene” and normal HUs: will be solved in the future, when we get requirements for that.

  2. The “own” TU was not required for this task, but added anyway, for future purposes, and therefore also tested.

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