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IT gh#1169

Prevent C_Flatrate_Terms with overlapping dates

Testcase to check if creating new, completed C_Flatrate_Terms is prohibited if there is an existing C_Flatrate_Term with overlapping dates.

  1. Make sure if you already have existing flatrate terms with overlapping dates: incomplete ones are not considered! (check with the SQL in task description)

  2. Pls note: the flatrate terms can be for the same product (e.g. a certain packing item or type of carrots, or a flatrate term can be covering a grop of products and therefore include several, e.g. a term for ALL packing items

  3. If you fine existing flatrate terms with overlapping dates, for the same product or included ones: try completing the incomplete ones (in window C_Flatrate_Term, Laufender Vertrag):
  4. Change the dates in the incomplete term, so they don’t overlap with the existing, completed one anymore, and try completing again:
  5. Make sure you already have existing flatrate terms for G000X:
  6. Open bpartner window (Geschäftspartner), Gear, and try creating new flatrate terms:
  7. Check the msg for the user:
  8. Check the flatrate term window for G000X:
  9. Change the dates for the incomplete terms:
  10. Complete the 2 terms:
  11. Try creating a new flatrate term from bpartner window for:
  12. Make sure all flatrate term types which can be created from bpartner window are covered by the testing (atm, we have terms for packing items and carrots)!


  1. Make sure you have C_Flatrate_Conditions for Abonnement set up

  2. Make sure the column for Abo-Vertragsbedingungen is shown and used in sales order, orderline

  3. Create a sales order, and select the C_Flatrate_Conditions for Abonnement in the sales orderline, complete

  4. Check the flatrate term window for the bpartner:

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