#181 Transforming HU in Handling Unit Editor

Testcase to check transforming HUs

  1. setup:
  2. Create and complete a purchase order for G000X:
  3. go to referenced documents and open Material Receipt Candidates

  4. select the line with the product
  5. select the arrow and select “Receive CU with Qty”
  6. change menge cu value to 30

  7. HU Editor opens
  8. select the dropdown arrow and select “Transform”
  9. select cu on new tu
  10. select TU A x 10 on packing material

  11. set menge cu to 21 and leave own package on N
  12. select the line with the free CU, use Transform

  13. use CU on new TUs, put it on 2 TU B x 4 (menge CU:8 8), set own package on Y
  14. select the line with 1 kg, use transforming

  15. select CU on new TU, select TU B x 4, qty CU 1 and leave own package on N
  16. verify each TU line for tara weight
  17. select all lines and press on create material receipt
  18. check the newly created receipt
  19. select the dropdown and choose “Receive CUs”
  20. select the line and use Transform

  21. select CU on new CU, qty 10
  22. select the first line and use Transform

  23. choose CU on new TUs, select TU C x 10, menge CU 10, own package N
  24. select the line with the TU and use Transform

  25. select TU on new TUs, select TU B x 4, qty TU 3, own package N
  26. select the line with CU and use transforming

  27. select CU on existing TU, qty CU 2 and latest TU
  28. select the line with CU, use Transform

  29. use CU on new TUs, TU C x 10, qty CU 8
  30. select the line with TU C and use Transform, use TU on new LU

  31. select TU C x10, an LU, qty TU 1
  32. select a line with TU B, use transform, choose TU on new LU

  33. select TU B x 4, a LU, qty TU 2
  34. select the line with free TU B and use transform, choose TU on existing LU

  35. qty TU 2, LU the last created one
  36. move the remaining TU on LU (select TU B x 4, a LU, qty TU 1)
  37. set a label on each LU and a attribute that is different on both, and also check tara weights
  38. select both LUs and run Create Material Reeceipt
  39. open the newly created receipt
  40. go back to Material Receipt Candidates, select the line with product and use “Receive CU with Qty”

  41. set qty 30 then transform the whole qty in 3 TU A x 10

  42. select a TU, use transform and “TU on LU”

  43. make the same with another TU
  44. put the last TU on a random LU using “TU on existing LU”
  45. remember the value of the LU with 1 TU, select the TU inside it, use transform

  46. select “TU on existing LU” and select the LU with 2 TUs
  47. select the LU line, select the dropdown arrow