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IT gh#237

Transform CU on existing TU not working

Testcase to check if transforming of a CU on an existing TU is working correctly.

  1. Create a purchase order for G000X:
  2. Open Wareneingangsdispo for your order:
  3. Select P0001 and P0002, click CUs annehmen:
  4. Select P0001, select Transform in Actions:
  5. Select
  6. Click Start:
  7. Select P0002, select Transform in Actions:
  8. Select
  9. Click Start:
  10. Select the TU A, and create the receipt, check the inout afterwards:
  11. Repeat the test, but put all 3 products on a TU B:
  12. Repeat the test, but with 2 different TUs where you put the products on, and mark one of them as Eigene TU:


  1. If you transform more qty of CUs on a TU for the first time (=> on a nes TU), you will get a full TU and the rest of qty on another one, e.g. 13 CUs will be put on 1 TU A x 10kg and 1 TU A x 3 kg, if the max qty of TU A is 10kg.
  2. However, you can put more qty of CUs on a full TU that is already existing, e.g. you can put more CU on the TU A x 10kg in a second transformation!
  3. If you have received all qty ou ordered, then the CUs of this orderline are not available for transformation together with other products, only by itself: e.g. when you have 3 orderlines, and one has the full QtyOrdered already delivered, when you mark all 3 and click transform, the product with the full qty delivered does not appear in the HU Editor! However, you can create more receipts for it by itself.

=> This is how it works atm, might be changed in the future.

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