#330 HUEditor displays HUs which are destroyed

Testcase to make sure the processed HUs look different than the un-processed ones

  1. Create a purchase order for G000X
  2. GO to its receipt schedules, select the one for the CU product

  3. Go to the quick actions, select Receive HUs
  4. Select one HU (by clicking on the LU line or TU line)

  5. Call “ Create Material Receipt” *=> OK: The HU you created a material receipt for has now a ligh-grey backgroud

  6. Select the same HU
  7. Perform Reverse on this HU => OK: The HU completely dissapears from the list

  8. Create material receipts and reverse all the HUs => OK: They dissapear one by one when you reverse them => OK: In the end, the HU list is empty and this text is displayed in its place:

    ” There are no detail rows You can create them in this window.”