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IT gh#759

#759 Destroyed HU causes problem with shipment creation

Testcase to check if destroying HUs in Kommissionierung does not cause problems in shipment creation.

  1. Create a sales order for G000X, with P0001 on several TU A, e.g. 10 TU A x 6 Pce

  2. Open the shipment schedule:
  3. Open Kommissionier Terminal, select G000X and your sales order

  4. Open the Picking Terminal, and add / take out qty:
  5. Open your shipment schedule again, refresh:
  6. Create a shipment, checking Erstellen mit kommissionierter Menge:
  7. Complete the shipment, and go back to shipment schedule, refresh:
  8. Create another shipment, don’t check Erstellen mit kommissionierter Menge:
  9. Change the qty to deliver to 12, save and complete the shipment

  10. Go back to shipment schedule, refresh:
  11. Repeat the picking process, adding qty and taking it out again, use Verteilen this time as well, so that you have another 12 Pce picked overall

  12. Create the shipment for the picked qty, complete it

  13. Go back to shipment schedule, refresh, and create a shipment for the remaining qty:
  14. Complete the latest shipment, refresh the shipment schedule
  15. Also make sure that reactivating, reversing or deleting of the shipment work fine; in complete / create them again after that

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