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IT gh#800

#800 Sorting of Productnames, Businesspartnernames shall made possible in PMM_PurchaseCandidate

Testcase to check the sorting in PMM_PurchaseCandidate.

  1. Make sure you have flatrate contracts for procurement, for all bpartner and all products (e.g. G000X: all products, G000Y: P0002 & P0004, G000Z: P0001, P0003, P0004), with different prices

  2. Make sure you have PMM_PurchaseCandidate for all procurement contracts, for all bpartners (preferably for different dates, and already from the past)

  3. Open PMM_PurchaseCandidate window, without any settings (you might get an info that there is too many data to display all (usually 5.000):
  4. Search for product, P0001:
  5. Search for bpartner, G000X:
  6. Empty the filters, refresh so that all PMM_PurchaseCandidates are displayed, sort by price, promised date, etc.:
  7. Try manual sorting of products and bpartners ascending / descending as well

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