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IT gh#827

#827 use the barcode field to select HU using attribute value

Testcase to check the usage of the barcode field to select an HU using an attribute value.

  1. Make sure you have data set up for production, e.g. workflow, production ressource etc.

  2. Also make sure you will need P0001, P0002 and P0003 as components for producing P0004

  3. Create an attribute, type String, Master Serial No., and set it for LU and No Handling Unit

  4. Check in dimension specification, for the product attribute transfer in PP_Order:

  5. Check attributes you want to use, and make sure IsTransferWhenNull is checked for:
  6. Check in dimension specification, for the attribute value used in HU barcode field:
  7. Create a purchase order for G0001 (order several TUs!):
  8. In Wareneingang POS, select the warehouse for production as destination warehouse, if possible

  9. If this is not possible, create a Distribution Order for all your products from destination warehouse in Wareneingang POS to the production warehouse

  10. In Wareneingang POS, create inouts, and set attributes for all products:
  11. Create a PP_Order to produce P0004 (for G000X, if you like, not mandatory):
  12. Open Produktion Fertigstellung POS, select your PP_Order

  13. Click Zuteilung, enter the Master Serial No. in Barcode field, Enter:
  14. Enter the Lot No. in Barcode field, Enter:
  15. Enter the HU value of another HU (of P0003 e.g.):
  16. Select the HU of P0002 as well, and issue them with OK

  17. Click Empfang for receiving P0004, check the attributes in HU Editor:

Note: Attribute Propagation in Receive in production should work as before, see IT for #810.

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