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IT gh#910

#910 Put explicit delivery date on invoice.

Testcase to check the explicit delivery date in invoice jasper.

  1. Create a sales order for G000X:
  2. Create several partial inouts from Lieferdispo, and set different delivery dates:
  3. Create the invoice for all inouts (you have to check ignore invoicing plan!)

  4. Check the invoice jasper:
  5. Create a purchase order for G000X and receive the product partially several times

  6. Create the invoice and heck the jasper:

Note: The “Lieferdatum/ Leistungsdatum” is only included in sales invoice jasper for the normal metasfresh application, for others we still use “Lieferschein xx, yy, zz von XX bis YY” or “Lieferschein xx vom XX”! Depending on the aggregation rule for G000X, you will have an invoiceline for each inout of P0001, or it is summed up and aggregated into 1, with the overall qty and sum.

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