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IT gh#986

#986 Handle the case that PO can’t load a record

Testcase to check if the handler will un-archive a record and the PO retries to load it, without throwing errors or exceptions.

  1. Have a purchase order sales order for G000X, for P0001, and the corresponding invoice candidates

  2. Open Extra, Settings

  3. Change the DLM-Level at the bottom to “nur Produktiv”

  4. Select the invoice candidate, and use zoom into to get to the corresponding order

  5. Note the C_Order_ID of this order

  6. Close the order, and in pgAdmin, do UPDATE C_Order SET DLM_Level=3 –(=archived) where C_Order_ID=your order ID;

  7. Then check the DLM-Level with SELECT DLM_Level FROM C_ORDER where C_Order_ID=your order ID;:
  8. Go back to your IC, and zoom into your order again
  9. In pgAdmin, check the DLM-Level again with SELECT DLM_Level FROM C_Order where C_Order_ID=your order ID;:
  10. Repeat the test, but leave the DLM-Level in Settings on “Produktivdaten und archivierte Daten”:

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