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Procurement Candidates: Packvorschrift overwrite

Testcase to check if the newly introduced Packvorschrift (M_HU_PI_Item_Product) overwrite set in Betelldisposition (PMM_PurchaseCandidate) is also set in orderlines of the corresponding Bestellung.

  1. Have a bpartner with a C_Flatrate_Term for procurement, for a product which has different PIs (M_HU_PI_Item_Product) available
  2. Open WebUI for that bpartner, and create a PMM_PurchaseCandidate for that product
  3. Open Bestelldisposition (PMM_PurchaseCandidate), search for the PMM_PurchaseCandidate you created
  4. Set a different Packvorschrift in the new field, save
  5. In Quantity to Order (TU), set any qty you want, save
  6. Press Bestellen in Aktion, OK
  7. Open the Bestellung that was created, print Jasper
  8. Open Wareneingang POS, search for your orderline
  9. Select the orderline, OK

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