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material tracking: total received qty and scrap sometimes missing on invoice

Testcase to check if total received qty and scrap are included in the Endabrechnung of a M_Material_Tracking, where the quality inspection (M_QualityInsp_LagerKonf) does not include AdditionalFee and ProcessingFee.

  1. Find a bpartner that has a C_Flatrate_Term for product P000167_Knollensellerie Lager
  2. Create M_Material_Tracking for this bpartner and P000167_Knollensellerie Lager, with correct M_QualityInsp_LagerKonf_Version
  3. Create a purchase order for your bpartner, P000167_Knollensellerie Lager, e.g. 15 TUs
  4. In orderline, ASI, choose the Material-Vorgang-ID you set in M_Material_Tracking; save & complete
  5. In Wareneingang POS, set destination warehouse: Produktion LG for your orderline
  6. Make inout for 4 Paloxen
  7. Set a different destination warehouse, make inout for the rest
  8. Create a PP_Order:
  9. Save & complete
  10. Open Produktion Fertigstellung POS, Produktion LG, and select you PP_Order
  11. Press Zuteilung, select 2 of your TUs from inout, step 6.
  12. Press Empfang, and do receipt for P000164_Knollensellerie gewaschen and P001926_Knollensellerie gross gewaschen
  13. Close PP_Order
  14. Open Rechnungsdispo, search for your Material-Vorgang-ID
  15. Gear, Fakturierung: invoice the ICs to get the Akonto invoice
  16. Repeat 8.-15., for the Endabrechnung

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