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client not starting when config is not completed

Testcase to check login with wrong data and that no matter what data you set, the application doesn’t crash

Login with correct properties

  1. open application with your current config * => application opens

  2. delete your properties file and open the application again
  3. press ok
  4. on server connection don’t setup anything, press ok
  5. press ok on the error message, set the application host and press test application
  6. press ok twice, choose language, press ok, choose role and press ok again
  7. logout, delete properties again

Login and write wrong data in properties file

  1. login and leave application host like it is and put wrong data in database, press ok
  2. press on x, open application again

  3. set correct dates in database (don’t change application host)

  4. test database to make sure you wrote well, press ok
  5. choose language and role

Login with wrong properties file

  1. change the properties file as it’s a wrong one:

  2. open it and where you see “Connection=” write “test” after it, and let the rest of the line which was there

  3. save and open the application again

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