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Reduce Warehouse Dropdown List in Wareneingang (POS)

Testcase to check if a Material Receipt Warehouse has only those destination warehouses selectable for an inout, which are set as such in its distribution network.

  1. Create a purchase order for G000X
  2. Check distribution networks that have Distribution Network Lines with source warehouse = W1: (the following is an Example!)

    Distribution Network Source Warehouse Destination Warehouse
    Distribution Network I W1 DW 1
    Distribution Network II W1 DW 2
    Distribution Network III W1 DW 3
  3. Complete the purchase order, open Wareneingang POS

  4. Select Material Receipt Warehouse W1 and your orderline

  5. In your orderline for P0001, click in field for destination warehouse (Ziel-Lager)

  6. Do the same for orderline for P0002

  7. Add another distribution network line with an additional destination warehouse in one of the distribution networks including W1 as source warehouse

  8. In one of your orderlines in Wareneingang POS, click in field for destination warehouse (Ziel-Lager) once more

  9. Repeat the testcase with selecting another Material Receipt Warehouse in your purchase order

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