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IT FRESH-307 (incl. FRESH-326)

New Organisation: Financial Data of existing Org

Testcase to check if the financial data of a specific Org is displayed in the reports of this Org only, and not another one.

Please note: I created and saved all financial reports for Org I and II, before the task was rolled out, in order to compare them with the reports after the rollout. For comparison reasons, I then used the same dates used for the old reports when running the new ones as well (e.g. same Stichtag, same time period etc.). I also selected the same account, if it was a necessary filter (e.g. for Konten-Information).

  1. Log in with Org I, as Admin

  2. Run the following financial reports (leave them open for comparison):
  3. In a different session, log in with Org II, Admin

  4. Run the same financial reports again

  5. Run report Fibukonto-Kontoblatt, set Org I

  6. Run report Fibukonto-Kontoblatt again, set Org II

  7. Create a sales invoice A for G000X in Org I, and one invoice B for G000Y in Org II

  8. Complete them, and make sure they are both posted (check which accounts are used for posting!)

  9. Run Konten-Information for Org I and the resp. account used for posting of the invoice of G000X

  10. Run Konten-Information for Org II and the resp. account used for posting of the invoice of G000Y

  11. Run Saldobilanz again for Org I

  12. Run Saldobilanz again for Org II

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