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Procurement candidate prices not updated correctly

Testcase to check if the Procurement candidate prices are updated from the right pricelist version

Price update

  1. Have a bpartner with at least 1 procurement flatrate term:

  2. flatrate term A where there is no price set for your product A in flatrate_dataentry subtab

  3. make sure the current PLV A that’s used for your bpartner in purchase orders has this product and price x for it

  4. make another pricelist version B (in the same pricelist), which is available from tomorrow and contains product A with price y

  5. Create purchase candidates for product A in WebUI: one for today and one for tomorrow

  6. Check prices in procurement candidates
  7. make pricelist version B inactive

  8. in procurement candidates select gear - update prices
  9. make pricelist version B active again

  10. Run again the “update prices” process from procurement candidates

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