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Testcase to check if invoice candidates which are not yet invoiced can be set to completely invoiced by a process and certain invoice candidates are set to invoiced after inout resp. invoicing.

  1. Check the SysConfig:

  2. Make sure G000X has a running flatrate term for certain packing items

  3. Create sales orders with several products for G000X, including packing items both covered AND not covered by the flatrate term

  4. Check the invoice candidates for your orders:

  5. Check the shipment schedules:

  6. Make partial inouts for the inouts, use some packing items which are covered by the flatrate term and some which are not

  7. Check the invoice candidates for your orders:

  8. Check the shipment schedules for your sales order:

  9. In invoice candidates, filter for some of the products (so you don’t have the remaining candidates for packing items displayed and some products left out), press Process, Auswahl schließen, OK

  10. Check the invoice candidates for your orders again (might need to refresh):

  11. Check your shipment schedules and receipt schedules again:

  12. Make more partial inouts, so that you have underdelivery / overdelivery as well (for products whose invoice candidates were not included in the process earlier!)

  13. Create an invoice for an invoice candidate where you made such an inout, and which was not yet invoiced / covered by the process

  14. Filter for these invoice candidates and check them again (might need to refresh):

  15. Check all the invoice candidates for your orders again (might need to refresh):

  16. Go back to the invoice you created earlier, and try to reverse it

  17. Check the invoice candidates of the invoice you just reversed:

  18. Check the shipment schedule for this product:

  19. Invoice the candidates again

  20. Repeat the test for a purchase order, but do an inout with quality issue as well

  21. In SysConfig, set C_Invoice_Candidate_Close_IsToClear & C_Invoice_Candidate_Close_PartiallyInvoiced to N

  22. Create another order, make a partial inout including packing items covered by the flatrate term, and create an invoice

  23. Run the process for closing the invoice candidates

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