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Procurement bidding

Testcase to check the procurement bidding process (RfQ or Ausschreibung).

SetUp of RfQ

  1. Make sure P0001 is a Produkt für Lieferanten-Vertrag, used for procurement!

  2. Make sure that at least 1 of the bpartners, has a running flatrate term for procurement for P0001

  3. Also make sure that this bpartner has a user with access to the procurement WebUI, with an email address

  4. The other bpartners need a user with an email address to be used for testing as well

  5. For testing purposes, make sure the DebugMail is set to your own email address!

  6. Create a new entry in Vertragsbedingungen: => Ausschreibung RfQ (select a Vertragsverlängerung which has Vertragslaufzeit = 0; if none exists, create one!)

  7. Make sure you have mail templates for procurement bidding: info, info without qty, winner, loser (if none exist, create them)

  8. Make sure you have the corresponding jasper reports for info, info without qty, winner, loser as well

  9. Create a new RfQ Topic (Ausschreibungs-Thema) with:
  10. Create a new RfQ (Ausschreibung) with:
  11. Save RfQ entry, and complete it via Gear: complete RfQ (Ausschreibung fertig stellen)
  12. In RfQ, gear, Publish RfQ
  13. Check your emails
  14. If one or more of your bpartners has a procurement flatrate term for P0001, run the Anbauplanung Auswertung Excel now, for the dates covered by the RfQ and P0001

Entry with WebUI

  1. Open the procurement WebUI for the resp. bpartner(s)
  2. Click Preisanfrage (Prix)
  3. Click the line for your RfQ, check info about the bidding process of P0001:
  4. Set a price for the product for each bpartner, and qties for several of the possible dates (try full amount of CHF, as well as 0,XX or 0.XX; the latter NOT in Firefox!), Enter
  5. Go back to the start page Tägliche Meldung and send your qties (click Senden / Envoyer)

  6. Open Ausschreibung Antwort Position for each of your bpartners with WebUI:
  7. In gridmode, you can compare the qties and prices for each bpartner so far (status: Drafted)

Manual entry

  1. Ausschreibung Antwort Position: open single view for the bpartner(s) without WebUI

  2. Enter a price in the header, save

  3. Add a line for a qty and date for the bidding in Antwort-Menge and save
  4. Add more lines with qty and date for the bidding if you like
  5. In gridmode, you can compare the qties and prices for all bpartners (Docstatus: Drafted), from both manual and WebUI entry

Results of RfQ

  1. Go back to RfQ, Gear, close RfQ (Ausschreibung schließen)
  2. Open WebUI for your bpartners again, click Preisanfrage
  3. Check Ausschreibung Antwort Position for your bpartners
  4. Select 1 or 2 winners, by checking the corresp. box

  5. Go back to RfQ, refresh
  6. Gear, close RfQ results
  7. Gear, Publish RfQ results
  8. Check your emails again
  9. Run the Anbauplanung Auswertung Excel again
  10. Check the procurement candidates
  11. Open Laufender Vertrag, search for your bpartner(s) who was / were the winner(s)

  12. Check tab Vertragsperiode
  13. Open the entry with Vertragsbedingungen = Ausschreibung RfQ and its subtab Liefersatz
  14. Go back to the procurement candidate(s) for the winner (or winners)

  15. Create a purchase order: set a qty TU, save, and click Bestellen, OK
  16. Check the purchase order
  17. Create the receipt(s) for the purchase order(s)

  18. Run the Anbauplanung Auswertung Excel again

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