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Awkward eMail encoding in Swiss language

Testcase to check if Umlaute are displayed correctly in Emails.

  1. Make sure the User of G000X has your own email address set in the contact details!

  2. Make sure the Charset in your testing system is UTF-8

  3. Check the [Set Up for the Mailsever] (Wie_richte_ich_einen_ausgehenden_Mailserver_ein) and the [Set Up of the Email Server Routing] (Testcase_FRESH-203)

  4. Open the purchase and sales order for G000X

  5. In both, press the Email icon, and create an email for each order:

  6. Send the emails

  7. Open C_Doc_Outbound_Log (Ausgehende Belege), search for your orders

  8. Press process, Auswahl als Email an Geschäftspartner senden

  9. Check your inbox for the emails sent

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