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Make recipient of the mail configurable in Process SendPDFMailsForSelection

Testcase to check if Emails sent from Doc_Outbound are sent to the correct recipient, who can now be configured in Email Server Routing.

  1. Make sure you have the correct set up for sending Emails fron Doc_Outbound (Ausgehende Belege), see IT for Procurement: Mail in BPartner language, other eMail Address

  2. Also make sure you don’t have the AD_Sysconfig for DebugMailTo set active (or else all outgoing mails will be send to this DebugMailTo address!)

  3. Open EMail Server Routing

  4. For different Document BaseTypes, set Column User To:

    Document BaseType Column User To
    Purchase Order Rechnungskontakt
    Purchase Invoice Ansprechpartner
    Sales Invoice Ansprechpartner
  5. Open bpartner, search for G000X

  6. Make sure you have only one bill location (Rechnungsanschrift)

  7. Check which user, A or B, is the “oldest” user linked to that bill location (=> lowest User_ID)

  8. Set 2 different email addresses for users A and B

  9. Create a purchase order for G000X, with user A as Ansprechpartner (AD_User_ID) and user B as Rechnungskontakt (Bill_User_ID)

  10. Create a sales order for G000X, DON’T set a certain user as Ansprechpartner or Rechnungskontakt (the “oldest” user, who is usually default, linked to that bill location will be set automatically)

  11. Create the respective inout (Lieferschein) for your sales order, and the respective invoices

  12. Open Doc_Outbound (Ausgehende Belege), search for G000X and the date of test

  13. Press gear, Auswahl als Email an Geschäftspartner senden:

    Email for User receiving Email
    Purchase Order User B (Bill_User_ID)
    Sales Order User A (AD_User_ID & Bill_User_ID)
    Purchase Invoice User B (AD_User_ID)
    Sales Invoice User A (AD_User_ID)
    Purchase Inout User A (AD_User_ID)
    Sales Inout User A (AD_User_ID)

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