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Error creating manual DD_Order

Testcase to check manual Distribution Orders can be created without errors.

  1. Open Distribution Order

  2. Press New, and set Distribution Order in DocType
  3. Set bpartner, Transit Warehouse etc. save

  4. Add one or more movement lines, select products, qties, packing instructions, warehouses etc., save
  5. Complete the order, and create the movements with Bereitstellung POS
  6. Go back to Distribution Order


  1. Open Material Receipt, create a new one with DocType Produktanlieferung

  2. Set G000X as vendor, (set a warehouse), save
  3. Change vendor to G000Y
  4. Open Shipment, create a new one with DocType Lieferschein

  5. Set G000Y as customer, (set a warehouse), save
  6. Change customer to G000Y
  7. In order, set the doc no. of an existing sales order of G000X, enter

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