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Make de.metas.fresh.printing.spi.impl.C_Order_MFGWarehouse_Report_NotificationCtxProvider thread safe

Testcase to check if the notification for MFGWarehouse Report still works fine.

  1. Select a warehouse (e.g. X), set TestUser as person in charge

  2. In User, set:
  3. Make sure your own email is set as debug mail, so you will receive any emails sent!

  4. In SysConfig, search for the settings for printing problems (C_Print_Job_Instructions.NotifyPrintReceiver):
  5. Make sure you have a printer selected, but there is no printer connected so you can’t print, and always Print Preview is not checked in Settings

  6. Search for a product which is produced in the warehouse X

  7. Create and complete a sales order for that product (logged in as SuperUser)

  8. Check the MFGWarehouse Report for this sales order (in Bestellkontrolle), check in printing info and printing queue
  9. Check the notification status
  10. Check your emails

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