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Wrong LU taken in InOut Generate

Testcase to check if the correct LU is taken in InOut.

  1. Log in with each Org in 2 different clients! Test for Org I and Org II in the resp. client!

  2. Make sure G000X is customer for both Org I and Org II

  3. Open window Packvorschrift

  4. Set LU C as standard LU for Org I, and LU D as standard LU for Org II (checkbox in first tab, Packing Instruction)

  5. Set TUs A as Unter-Packvorschrift (M_HU_PI_Item) for LU C, and TU B for LU D

  6. Open Product, search for P0001

  7. Create a CU-TU allocation for P0001, with TU A x 1, for G000X

  8. Repeat for P0002, with TU B

  9. Create a sales order, for Org I:
  10. Zoom into Lieferdispo, and create the inout with gear, Auswahl liefern (don’t check Fertigstellen!)
  11. Zoom into the inout
  12. Set qty TU to e.g. 5, save and complete the inout

  13. Open Kommissionier Terminal, for the warehouse set in the sales order above

  14. Open the orderline for your sales order

  15. Select a picking slot, your product, and TU A

  16. Pick another 3 TUs with Verteilen, OK

  17. Go to Verdichtung, open the HU Editor for your bpartner and his location
  18. Select all your TUs, and click LU zuteilen
  19. Put your TUs on the LU, select a Speditionsauftrag, and create the inout by clicking Lieferschein erstellen

  20. Check the inout
  21. Repeat testing for Org II, with a sales order for:
  22. Check the inouts:


  1. Use Kommissionier Terminal for picking the remaining 2 TUs (each order separately, for each Org)

  2. Create the inouts with Lieferdispo, gear, Erstellen mit kommissionierter Menge

  3. Check the inouts:

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