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#275 In Picking HU Editor. New Flag ignore attributes for Filter

Testcase to check the flag for ignoring attributes in Picking Terminal HU Editor.

  1. Make sure that the new checkbox for ignoring attributes in Picking Terminal is enabled in SysConfig!

  2. Open Packvorschrift, and make sure:
  3. Create a sales order for G000X

  4. Add orderline with P0001, several TUs (at least 5), set an attribute like Herkunft: Spain

  5. Create a purchase order for G000Y

  6. Add orderline with P0001, several TUs (at least 5), DON’T set an attribute

  7. Open Wareneingang POS, make sure destination warehouse for your order = warehouse of your sales order! (if not, create the resp. distribution network!)

  8. In Wareneingang POS, create several inouts (different attributes are per LU!):
  9. Open Picking Terminal 1st window, select warehouse of your sales order and G000X

  10. Select P0001 (and delivery date), OK

  11. Select a picking slot, and P0001

  12. Click HU Editor:
  13. Uncheck the checkbox
  14. Select the HU with Herkunft: Spain, to check the TU & VPI, then check the attribute checkbox again

  15. Click the Home button
  16. Uncheck the attribute checkbox once more, and select 2 HUs (different attributes, 1 with Herkunft: Spain)

  17. Make picking for these 2 HUs

  18. Open the Lieferdispo for your sales order
  19. Create the shipment with Gear, Auswahl liefern, Erstellen mit kommissionierter Menge checked

  20. Check the shipment:
  21. Go back to Picking Terminal, open the HU Editor again
  22. Uncheck the checkbox, select a HU, check the attributes on TU and VPI
  23. Click Home button
  24. Select 2 HUs, with different attributes, and pick them

  25. Open Verdichtung POS, select your warehouse, G000X, and location for shipment

  26. Select your 2 HUs, select a Speditionsauftrag, and create the shipment

  27. Check the shipment:
  28. Create another shipment, pick >1 HU in picking HU Editor, but at least 2 with the SAME template attribute and at least 2 with only different attribute on LU / TU level (e.g. SSCC18, tare weight)

  29. Check the shipment:
  30. Open Rechnungsdispo for your sales order:
  31. Create the invoice:
  32. Create another sales order for G000X, P0001, but do NOT set an attribute

  33. Create several inouts in Wareneingang POS for P0001 again, with different attributes

  34. Open Picking Terminal
  35. Pick several HUs with different attributes (template and non template)

  36. Create the shipment via Lieferdispo, Erstellen mit kommissionierter Menge


Regression testing:

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