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#298 ShipmentSchedule updating fails on missing UOM conversion

Testcase to check if the shipment schedules update correctly if a UOM conversion is missing.

  1. Open Product window, search for P0001

  2. Check the UOM, make sure a UOM conversion exists:
  3. Open pricelist CP, search for P0001

  4. Make sure the price UOM is different from the product UOM (or set it differently for testing!)
  5. Create a sales order for G000X, for P0001, for 10 PCE
  6. Zoom into the shipment schedule, when it’s created
  7. Go back to Product, UOM Conversion, and deactivate the conversion

  8. In Lieferdispo, refresh (change sth like e.g. Prio, and save, so refreshing is necessary)
  9. Create the inout with Auswahl liefern

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