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Activating the trace log file doesn’t always work

Trace Log File functionality

  1. Login with any role

  2. Go to menu bar from the top of the window

  3. Enter Extras, Einstellungen

  4. Go to the field group “Protokoll-Informaiton”

  5. Set the Protokollierungs-Level to WARN

  6. Check the flag “Protokoll-Datei”

  7. Remember the path of the file it describes

  8. Do something in the application that leads to an error. For instance, create a new entry and try to save it without setting a mandatory value

  9. Go to the log file, reload it if needed

    => OK: The error message appears in the file

  10. Go back to EInstellungen, uncheck the flag Protokoll-Datei

  11. Try to make another action that leads to an error (as above)

  12. Go check the log file

    => OK: The error message is not displayed in the log file

Trace Log File functionality - stress test

  1. Repeat the steps above for several instances of the client that are used at the same time

    => OK: There is a new file for each new instance => OK: The log files are filled with error messages if the flag is checked, and not filled if the flag is not checked

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