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#387 Purchase Order generation in Procurement Candidates not to be grouped by user

Testcase to check if the purchase order generation in procurement candidates is not grouped by user.

Note: RfQ in general is documented in Testcase_Fresh-402

  1. Make sure the Set Up for your testing is ok according to the testcase above (emails etc.)

  2. Create an RfQ Topic (Ausschreibungs-Thema), with each of G000X’s users set in tab Subscribers

  3. Create the RfQ Ausschreibung, for P0001, complete, publish etc.
  4. Create manual entries in each Ausschreibung Antwort Position for each user, same price for each:
  5. Select the Ausschreibung Antwort Positionen of all users of G000X as winners, close the RfQ, the results, publish them
  6. Open the created procurement candidates:
  7. In each procurement candidate, set QtyToOrder: 1, save, create the purchase orders by clicking Bestellen
  8. Check the purchase orders:

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