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#403 Callout error when opening Shipment window

Testcase to check if dropship callouts work fine

Dropship callouts

  1. go to sales order and create a new one

  2. add bpartner G000X and all mandatory data, save

  3. set isDropShip on Y
  4. change the dropship bpartner to G000Y
  5. set a dropship location * => address updated accordingly (before save)

  6. go to sales inout

  7. create a new one, manually

  8. add bpartner G000X and all mandatroy data, save

  9. set isdropship on Y
  10. set dropship bpartner to G000Y

Dropship propagation

  1. create a new sales order, bpartner G000X

  2. go to product window, select product P0001, go to product bpartner subtab

  3. create 2 new entries: one G000Z, used for vendor, current vendor and one for G000Y used for customer, isDropShip, set C_BPartner_Vendor_ID on G000Z

  4. go back to your sales order and set dropship bpartner to G000Y, set location, save

  5. add products P0001, and P0002 (this one does not have bpartner product with G000Z)

  6. complete order and zoom in to shipment schedule
  7. gear, create inout

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