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#416 Extended async notification features

Test if async batches work and perform regression on the async in general

Async batches: Testing how async batches work in ESR import

  1. Go to the window Async Batch, search for the ESR entry

  2. Go to its Async Batch Type
  3. Go to the window ESR Import, create a new entry with a suitable Account, save.

  4. Import an ESR file for this entry using the process “V11-Datei Importieren”
  5. Go to the window “Asynchrone Verarbeitungswarteschlange” and check for the latest entries
  6. Go to the tab “Log” for the same workspackage
  7. Wait until the async batch workpackage is processed (might take around 3 minutes)
  8. Go to Notes window (Statusmeldung) and search for the recently created notes

Async: Regression testing

  1. Any process involbing Async is suitable for this test. For instance, start with creating a purchase order, then a receipt based on it, with quality discount. Make sure the R_Request is created. Then create an invoice for the receipt. Make sure the BPartner stats are updated. Check “Asynchrone Verarbeitungswarteschlange” for each step to see the workpackages are processed and have no errors.

  2. Some of the async workpackage shat should be displayed “Asynchrone Verarbeitungswarteschlange” and processed are (check for the names to be part of the Queue Block. Some of them will appear several times):

All of the above were processed correctly.

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