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#448 Rounding issue with partical credit memos

Testcase to check if the rounding is done correctly in partial credit memos.

  1. Create a sales order for G000X, for a huge qty of P0001, so that the overall amt to pay will be >10.000 CHF / EUR

  2. Make sure you’re using a pricing system that includes taxes!

  3. Create the inout, and the invoice

  4. Open Zahlung, and create a partial payment for the invoice:
  5. Save and complete

  6. Go back to your invoice, check tab allocation:
  7. In the 1st tab, press Credit Memo (Gutschrift) to create a credit memo:
  8. Check the credit memo, and the amt that was credited:
  9. Check your invoice again:
  10. Try with other types of credit memo too; also, create orders / invoices that include different taxes

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