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#482 Unable to issue certain HUs to a PP_Order

Testcase to check if issuing HUs to a PP_Order works fine.

  1. Open Stücklistenkonfig, make sure P0001 has P0002 as ingredient

  2. Create a PP_Order, doctype Poduktionsauftrag, with a high qty for P0001 (e.g. 1.000 kg), so you will need several HUs of P0002 for the production (the problem only appears when issuing e.g. 10 HUs at once)

  3. Create a purchase order for P0002, with a high qty (e.g. 200 TUs)

  4. In Wareneingang POS, select the warehouse of your PP_Order as destination warehouse (if you can’t select it, create a DD_Order for moving P0002 to the production warehouse)

  5. Create the material receipt, with several LUs (e.g. 10 LUs with 20 TUs each, or 20 LUs with 10 TUs each)

  6. Open Produktion Fertigstellung POS, select your PP_Order

  7. Click Zuteilung (Issue):
  8. Select e.g. 10 LUs, Auswählen, OK:
  9. Open the HU Editor again:
  10. Issue another 10 HUs or more:

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