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#515 Generating C_Flatrate_Term from C_RfQ_Response then don’t complete the term

Testcase to check if newly created flatrate terms for procurement are not autmatically completed.

  1. Open bpartner window, search for G000X

  2. Click Gear, Erzeuge Vertrag für gefilterte Geschäftsparter to create a flatrate term

  3. Check the available flatrate terms in dropdown for Vertragsbedingungen:
  4. Open window Laufender Vertrag (flatrate_data), search for G000X
  5. Select G000X, click Gear, Neuen Liefervertrag erstellen:
  6. Select P0001, UOM, time period etc., don’t check the box for Fertigstellen, OK:
  7. Create another flatrate term, for G000X, with a different product P0002, time period etc., check the box for Fertigstellen, OK:

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