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#548 keep M_QualityNote and M_AttributeValue in sync

Testcase to check the relation between M_QualityNote and M_AttributeValue.

  1. Open window Quality Note:
  2. Also open window Merkmal (Attribute), select Qualitäts Notiz, and go to tab Merkmals-Wert:
  3. Create a new quality note in Quality Note:
  4. Check Merkmal (Attribute), Qualitäts Notiz, tab Merkmals-Wert, try changing / deleting it:
  5. In Quality Note, make changes to your new quality note (name, performance type):
  6. Create a purchase order for G000X, use P0001 & P0002, on TU A & TU B

  7. In Wareneingang POS, create receipts:
  8. Check request (Vorgang alle) for new entries:
  9. Check the receipts as well:
  10. Create another new quality note in Quality Note, then delete it:

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